Temenos Retreat Center forest enchantment

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Temenos Retreat Center is the Perfect Place for:

showers, birthdays,
family reunions, memorial services

Day meetings and corporate rentals,board meetings, inservices, team building,
college programs

Concerts, classes, musicians and
artist retreats, quilt
and fiber arts groups,
dance groups

Men’s and women’s groups, silent programs, personal growth groups, campus ministry groups, church groups,
youth groups

Personal retreats

Drumming circles, sacred circles, yoga, massage, meditation, wellness programs, nutrition and cooking, nature programs


This is the perfect place for quiet,
joy, community, laughter, focus, solitude, peace.


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Two style residences with rooms, furniture by Idea Style open at Mountain Trend Places

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Temenos Retreat Center | 1564 Telegraph Road (Route 162), West Chester, PA 19382